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Awake, aware, 
      grateful, and grounded.
Susan is a gifted healer. Quantum Sphere Healing works on such a deep level, that the practitioner has to be really in tune. When Susan worked with me her insights were remarkable and spot on. The explanations she gave me after the session were clear and quite intuitive. The best part is, a few days after our session together I noticed a shift for the better in my ability to get things done, as the main issue I had wanted to focus on was having trouble being motivated and feeling stuck. She is a sweet person with a big heart! 
- JB, California
Susan healed my tinnitus. That's the truth. Tinnitus is "chronic" which means it never goes away. Evidently, Quantum Sphere Healing does not abide by our man-made constructs. This modality goes straight to the source of our spiritual ailments that our energetic figures are carrying out the source code for. Quantum Sphere Healing is only fair to have here as a balance of the scales to our reality based in limitations, by having this limitless energetic modality. Susan helped guide me in finding my intention for the session without defining me into bullet points. I am grateful for her emotional, intuit intelligence and for acting as my spiritual lawyer on my behalf in the "everywhere and everywhen" point of reference. - SE, California
I found working with Susan to be very enjoyable. It was my first energy healing and I wanted someone very sincere and authentic, in both personality and work. Susan was both and my session helped clear out a lot of emotional stuff that was keeping me stuck and helped explain a little about how I work. I definitely recommend her to anyone seeking to move past certain barriers in their lives. - MM, California
On March 5th, 2015, I had my first Quantum Sphere Healing session with Susan. I had never heard about QSH, so I did not know what to expect. I thought the process was initially just like chatting with a sweet friend, or a therapist I trust. Susan asked me very specific questions, and accepted my answers with immediate understanding and without judgment. My main focus was to have clarity and confidence in my show the next day. I am a comic, and I had a big show the following evening that I was very nervous for. A big commercial agent was coming specifically to see me. I really liked that I got to rest and relax while Susan was working on me. When she told me what she had discovered, it made a tremendous amount of sense, it was almost eerie, I had a sense of déjà-vu. The miraculous thing was, I did feel very clear and confident when I performed my set the next night. There was a famous actress in the audience. All the comics were so excited that she was in attendance. I had the best set of my life. No joke, the booker told me I was ready to headline. The actress happened to know the agent that came for me, and she happened to tell him she thought that I was the best comic of the night. I signed with the agency last week, and it was nothing short of miraculous. I would thusly recommend Susan to anyone and everyone. It is my belief that she has a real gift. - KA, California
I had the absolute joy of experiencing a Quantum Sphere Healing session with Susan. I would say it was one of my favorite sessions to date! You could call me a connoisseur of healing. I have been on my journey for the last 7 years and experienced hundreds of healers, partially because I am always wanting to explore and find the latest and most powerful healing that takes me to the next level. Working with Susan was definitely a next level experience! Although it was a distant session, which is common, I felt a lot of energy movement in my body, especially my heart chakra and solar plexus, and in my head. Susan was able to clear some stuff that had been there for a long time, but no one was able to detect. I was blown away when Susan started sharing the info she received after the healing, and wish I had written down everything she was saying because it was so fascinating!! From childhood, past lifetimes, to present. She was very accurate. I have done a lot of past life work before. I am so excited about Susan's work and abilities, I just ordered a session for my mom and partner so they could experience the out of this world healing with Susan. Another thing I have to share is that although Susan is gentle and a very sweet person, she is also very powerful and a hardcore healer which is a great combo! I highly recommend Susan's work, and I can't wait to have another session with her in a few months. Blessings, - RN, California
I have done 2 sessions with Susan and a fair amount of healing work already. I have made very deep transformative shifts with Susan! She is a very gifted and intuitive healer and is elaborate and methodical in her approach. I really appreciate the extra time and consideration taken to thoroughly work through any theme too! QSH is very versatile and can be applied to any issue. I can really recommend her work! - LD, Netherlands

Susan is amazing. She is so intuitive and kind. Working with her always takes a weight off of my shoulders. It's like a huge energy detox and reset. The couple times I've worked with her, afterward I felt like "myself" again. I would highly recommend working with her. She takes her time with you and is very patient. She has a true gift and helped me feel a lot of relief. I will definitely work with her in the future! - JW, California
My first session with Susan was in 2015, and at that time she was able to identify the physical pain I had mentioned to her about my lower back. Not only did I feel an improvement in my lower back, but I overall felt rejuvenated from the extra work she did during the hour healing. I have gone back to her regularly and I can just feel the difference she does to my inner and Higher Self. Her kind-hearted spirit is so accepting for any soul to let in, and it’s so refreshing to have someone as positive and wise as Susan to work with. - ZE, California
I had an INCREDIBLE first session with Susan! I was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia over ten years ago and have only found relief with prescription medication. I find it difficult to function on a daily basis with overwhelming pain throughout my entire body. During our session, I asked Susan to address my constant pain, and also sinus congestion I had for three weeks. Within 20 minutes of our session, I was breathing deeply through my nose, something I had been unable to do. I then slowly felt her healing each part of my body, from my neck to back, arms and legs. I felt physically lighter after our session, something I haven't felt in years! Susan successfully reduced my pain levels. Talking to Susan after our session was AMAZING!! She helped me visualize my pain and provided guidance on how to control it. I HIGHLY recommend Susan's energy work to everyone. Susan will also give you the tools to help yourself. I found her "Grounding" article to be a way to do energy work on myself. I look forward to my next session!!!! - MP, California