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Awake, aware, 
      grateful, and grounded.
What is Quantum Sphere Healing?
Quantum Sphere Healing is a totally new and revolutionary healing modality. Susan starts the session by using special sound technology to maintain a gamma brain wave state throughout the healing work. Then, a special higher dimensional healing orb clears the energetic distortions of the energy from the client’s body. 

Next Susan, along with her higher self and that of the client, enters the Quantum Sphere where all of the patterns related to the client’s issue are located. These may originate from genetic inherited patterns, past lives, early life trauma, and even solar, galactic or cosmic arenas. These patterns are pulled forward and combusted into clean clear energy that is re-patterned with positive intent. The result is a deeper, more far reaching and comprehensive shifting of the client’s issues.
How does it work?
During a healing session with Susan, she and the client discuss the physical and emotional issues to be healed via phone or Skype. Susan then enters the 5th dimensional Quantum Sphere and begins the work while the client rests comfortably at home. 

Susan has helped clear the patterning behind physical manifestations such as anxiety, panic attacks, muscle pain and body aches, digestive issues, brain fog and dizziness, migraines, tinnitus, skin problems, menstrual irregularities, side effects resulting from prior surgeries and medical treatment, and ailments resulting from spirit attachments and off-planet interference. 

She has helped heal the emotional patterns behind lack of self-worth and self-love, betrayal, past life trauma, depression, loss of will, loss of motivation, career blocks, lack of focus, fear of flying and other phobias, trust issues, inability being present and grounded, lack of integration and connection, and issues arising with connecting to one’s spiritual self and divine power.